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Fuel-saving is crucial for anyone who drives a vehicle. Fuel prices are a massive issue that lead to high costs, but what can you do to save fuel? A car’s fuel efficiency is rated by its miles per gallon and some motors have better scores than others. Here is a list of tips you can use to prevent breakdown recovery and save money.

List Of Fuel-Saving Tips To Avoid Breakdown Recovery and Save Money

Regular Maintenance

Take your vehicle to the mechanic often to ensure everything is working correctly. A healthy car will improve fuel efficiency and prevent breakdown.

Reduce The Weight Of Your Car

The heavier the car the more fuel is used. Remove excess items from your trunk and avoid leaving random stuff in the back seat such as bags or toys.

Keep Your Tyres Inflated

Flat tyres increase friction with the ground which decreases your fuel economy. Achieve the right tyre pressure and keep an eye on its level of inflation over time. Not to mention, the increased risk of breaking down with deflated tyres.

Don’t Fill Up Too Much Petrol

Unfortunately, the more fuel you have in your car the more will be used up. So when you go to the petrol station, fill up with just as much as you need.

Don’t Drive Too Fast

Zooming from one traffic light to the next is terrible for fuel economy. Practice gentle acceleration to use less fuel and save money. If you have a black box in your car, overly fast driving will increase insurance costs.

Let’s not forget that dangerous or competitive driving is a common cause of accidents and car breakdowns.

Turn Your Engine Off If You’re Not Driving

Whenever the engine is running you are using fuel. Therefore, if you’re going to be in the same place for a while, turn your car off.

Use Or Install An Engine Stop-Start System

The clutch is another subtle factor that can burn additional fuel. With a stop-start engine system, you can take your foot off the pedals completely when stuck in traffic.

Limit Your Air Con and Heaters

Unless you are roasting or freezing in your car, do not switch on these devices. They both require engine power which further contributes to using extra fuel.

Do All Your Driving In One Go

Enhance fuel efficiency by making the most out of a warm engine. Do all your tasks in one trip to avoid having to switch off your car and then turn it on again. 

Close Your Windows

Driving at high speed with your windows open is a recipe for burning fuel. The additional drag from the air coming through forces your car’s engine to work harder. If you want fresh air, open the windows when driving at low speeds.

Keep Track Of Fuel Costs

Calculate how much money you are spending on fuel weekly or monthly. This will give you an indication as to whether you’re spending too much on fuel or not.

Look For The Best Price

An obvious way to save money is to look for petrol stations that offer more fuel for less of the price.

Don’t Bother With Coasting

Coasting used to be a valid tactic to save fuel by letting your car roll downhill. It turns out it has little to no benefit for fuel-efficiency. Thus, you are better off driving safely to avoid crashing and having to rely on a breakdown recovery service.

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