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You can never be certain that your car is about to break down, but our breakdown recovery company often responds to a selection of common causes. Once you know what these issues are, you can try to minimise the risks.

 1.Flat or faulty batteries

Battery trouble is often a cause of breakdowns. Luckily this usually happens when you have left the car stationary for a while, and not whilst you are in the middle of a road trip.

You may have a flat battery if you find that:
-Your car struggles to turn the engine over
-It takes longer than usual to start
-It doesn’t start when you turn the key

It is important to drive your car regularly to keep the battery charged.

 2.Alternator troubles

The alternator helps generate power for your car’s electrics to run on, without it the battery can’t be charged up by the engine. Your battery stores enough power to keep the electrics running for a while, but if your alternator stops working the battery will eventually go flat, leaving you stranded and in need of a car breakdown recovery company.

There isn’t an exact way to look after your alternator, but if you notice the electrics aren’t behaving as they should do, then you should get the car looked at.

 3.Damaged tyres or wheels

A flat tyre, usually caused by a puncture, is a very common cause of car breakdowns, and an issue our breakdown recovery company attends to often. Sometimes this puncture is caused by a pothole or debris on the road, which, unfortunately, is unavoidable.

However, poorly maintained tyres can also be more susceptible to punctures, and it is easy to avoid this by checking your tyres regularly. Make sure they are inflated to the manufacturers recommendations, and ensure they have a tread depth of at least 1.6mm, minimum.


Thousands of Brits make the mistake of misfuelling every year. If you have accidentally put petrol in a diesel car, or vice versa, the quicker you act the better. Most importantly don’t start the engine. Call a breakdown recovery company and tell the petrol station attendant.

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