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The thought of a tyre blowout is amongst many drivers worst nightmares. Although it is not a frequent occurrence, it can happen. It is worth knowing what to do if your tyre blows, and also what measures you can take to avoid this happening. As a breakdown recovery company we have dealt with our fair share of tyre blowouts, and so we thought we’d share some of this knowledge with you.

How to Avoid a Tyre Blow Out

There are numerous reasons your tyre could burst whilst driving. More often than not it is due to improper tyre use, or because the tyre is completely worn out. The most common reasons a tyre blows out are:

Tyre pressure is too low, this accounts for 75% of cases.
Driving over a hard or sharp object.
Air pressure exceeds the recommended level.
Excessive tyre wear or age.
Manufacturing defects on the tyre itself.

Correct use of your tyres will increase their safety and extend their lifespan. You cannot fully protect yourself from a tyre blowout, but there are measures you can take.

Make sure you monitor your tyre pressure. This should be checked once a week and before any longer journey.
Avoid driving over kurds but if you need to this should be done slowly and carefully.
Do not park your car with the tyres pressed against the kerb, or with the tyre half on and half off the kerb.
If you drive over a particularly deep pothole you should check your tyre at the earliest opportunity. Look out for ‘swelling’ which can indicate damage.

What to do if Your Tyre Does Blow Out

A tyre blow out is scary, and although it is easier said than done the main thing is to try to stay calm.

If your front tyre has blown you will feel a violent jerking motion and your steering wheel will be pulling toward the side of the burst tyre.

If your rear wheel has burst then your car will feel as though it is fishtailing, or it may feel like it is sliding as if it is on a slippery surface.

1)If either of these things happen you should stay calm and avoid making sudden movements on the steering wheel.
2) Do not press the brakes as this can cause your car to lose balance.
3)Slowly ease off the accelerator, but avoid doing this too quickly.
4)If you have successfully gained control of the car let it gradually lose speed. Do not try to break until the speed is below 25mph.
5)Guide your car to a safe space and call a breakdown recovery company to come and assist you.

A breakdown recovery vehicle will be able to get you back onto the road safely, or tow you to the nearest garage. We hope you don’t have to deal with this experience, but if you find yourself with a blown tyre Greater London Towing can offer you breakdown recovery to get you up and running again.

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